How to find your ideal Power bank?

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What power bank is ideal for me?

Would you like to charge your electronic devices like your smartphone, tablet or notebook and you have no idea what power bank is ideal for you? Let us inform you. You can use a power bank in all kinds of situations and we will show you the ideal power bank for the right situation.

Power bank for smartphone.
You can use a lot of chargers to charge your smartphone. For example, the Mobisun portable solar panel is one of them and is ideal to use when you are enjoying the sun. A power bank is ideal to combine with the Mobisun mobile solar panels and can also be used when the sun isn’t shining. The ideal powerbank to charge your smartphone is the 10.000 mAh powerbank. With this power bank you are able to charge your smartphone up to three times. Your smartphone is also able to use a 3.350 mAh power bank but then you will be able to charge your phone only once.

Power bank for tablet.
To charge your tablet you need more power. The tablet will use more energy so you need a more powerfull powerbank. Normally a 12.000 mAh powerbank is enough for your tablet to charge once or twice without recharging your powerbank. However we advise to use our 20.000 mAh power bank to charge your tablet multiple times without recharging your powerbank. This 20.000 mAh powerbank is able to charge 4 electronic devices at the same time using 4 USB sockets. The powerbank is able to charge your iPad Air, Samsung Galaxy S6 and all iPhones. The powerbank itself has 2 micro-usb inputs for double fast charging via the mains or – if you’re in sunny surroundings – via the Mobisun portable solar panels.

Power bank for notebook.
Your laptop needs a lot energy to charge but we have the solution. A normal notebook can be charged once by a 15.000 mAh power bank. Our 30.000 mAh power bank is able to charge your notebook up to four times without recharging the powerbank. This power bank provides you with the energy to work on your notebook while you are in the bus, the park or anywhere else. You won’t need the mains and your adapter to charge your notebook with this 30.000 mAh laptop power bank.

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